From the Architect's Desk

Welcome to MOSA Design's Blog - "The Architect's Desk!" 

My name is Monica Fenderson and I am the Founder and President of MOSA Design Studios LLC, which was founded in 2009 in Stone Mountain, Georgia. MOSA designers are not simply architectural professionals, but rather multi-talented enthusiasts with expertise in code analysis, architectural design, interior design, real estate development, and community engagement. As we share our passion with the world, we strive to serve our clients through innovation, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and quality customer service.  

INNOVATION | In my capacity as a Building Official, I approved and monitored new commercial projects for construction in the Building Plan Review Department. As a Construction Manager with Gwinnett County, one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, I created procedures that established a building checklist to be used by Building Inspectors, Contractors, and Design Professionals. In turn, I was able to provide the appropriate technical assistance which was needed to implementing new policies in zoning, building methods, and code standards.  

DESIGN | As an Architect, I reviewed construction documents for proposed commercial and multifamily projects with a strong emphasis on the evaluation of architectural and engineering components, systems, and specifications for compliance with State and County codes and ordinances. I prepared technical reports to document code noncompliance items applicable to plan review of construction projects. Collaboration efforts consisted of assisting design professionals, contractors, developers and the general public with code interpretation and specific code compliance/deficiency issues. This effort allowed me to communicate on a daily basis with Planning, Development, Environmental Health, Water and Sewer Staff while reviewing building and site plans, which became instrumental in implementing procedures to streamline the Building Plan Review Process.

KNOWLEDGE SHARING | As we learn, the world benefits! MOSA Design is proud to introduce our Commercial Real Estate and Planning sector. Through our expanded knowledge, we are able to better serve and provide knowledge sharing for our potential clients. MOSA will occasionally post blogs to share our knowledge, advice, and best practices for success. Visit "The Architect's Desk" Blog to read the latest news, comment, like, and submit an inquiries to ask project specific questions.  

CUSTOMER SERVICE | As professionals constantly designing the community, we must continue to pay if forward. I participate in the Gwinnett Neighborhood Leadership Institute, the local AIA Architecture Youth Fair, and guest speaker for the Tuskegee University Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science (TSACS). MOSA Associates and Staff are national leaders and volunteers for various organizations and community initiatives. By making a difference, we continue to progress ourselves towards a brighter and sustainable future.      

We invite you to elevate your design through MOSA Design!