The Architect's Role

Creative industries in Georgia represent a combined $37 billion in revenue, including 200,000 employed with $62.5 billion in total economic impact. 5,356 of the employed represent licensed architects in Georgia, and 42 represent licensed black women in architecture. Although access and interest in creative industries continue to grow, most people remain unaware of the architect’s unique role. Most assume architects spend their time drawing pretty pictures; however, architects provide plans for the built environment you experience each day. When you take your children to school, visit your local grocery store, and go to work, stop for a moment to reflect on the realities that each of those buildings were designed by an architect who then coordinated with engineers and contractors to bring the building to life. We are the professionals who solve problems and create solutions that yield physical results.

Here are some reasons why working with an architect are important:

Undefined Project Scope: A lack of planning may cause a client to pay twice for work that was not well thought out. In the same way, “do it yourself” work is often carried out without a plan, schedule, or the necessary codes knowledge to successfully execute the project at hand. This is the number one mistake that lessens the value of your project. Architects assist with the overall organization of a project in terms of planning, budget, schedules, codes, and zoning.

Hiring the Lowest Fee: Hiring professionals with the lowest fee may not necessarily render the best, finished product. Low fee can easily be translated into low quality. Clients must remember that some professionals are simply collecting a check and have little interest in investing the time and creative design skills into the finished outcome. Take the time to invest in your future product by hiring a quality designer.

Safety and Health Matter: Architects design for the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. With that comes knowledge of national and local codes that affect design features such as life safety, natural lighting, ventilation, accessibility, and more. Practicing and promoting superior design will not only keep inhabitants happy, but also clients clear of lawsuits and decreasing property value.

As the founder of MOSA Design Studio, I have had the opportunity to assist clients step by step during all project phases and provide solutions to ensure the project’s completion. Our professionals design our world for the next era, while serving as visionaries for the futures of small towns and large cities. Our inspirations originate from the property itself, building inhabitants, and local community, which renders efficient and creative designs for supermarkets, churches, restaurants, saloons, and much more.

We appreciate the opportunity to share information regarding the role of an architect and how we enjoy assisting our clients to make their visions a reality.