Elevating Design through MOSA Design

MOSA Design Studios is an architecture firm specializing in Commercial, Interior Design, Sustainable Architecture in the United States and Latin America. The firm provides architectural services using Code Analysis, Green Design and Natural elements in design providing greater value for clients and enhanced design and construction.

Our clients are developers, commercial real estate brokers, government officials, and contractors. MOSA design studios' competitive edge is the understanding of codes and inspections and how to streamline plans to alleviate time in the permitting and construction process. Our superior customer service and client engagement defines our success. Visit the our Inquiry page to tell us more about your design needs.


CODE analysis 

Peer review and quality assurance for architecture firms. We provide diligence studies, inpections, sustainable review.


We have an extensive portfolio of franchise restaurants nationwide, creating a memorable environment in dining.



Office Spaces, Medical Facilities, and Retail Build outs are our specialty. Commercial real estate sales and leasing suites by MOSA realty.